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Looking for an environmentally responsible cleaning service? You have come to the right place!
At AMCC Services, our goal is to provide all of our clients
with the highest-quality cleaning service available-using the greenest products available.
We know that with your busy schedule you dont have the time to put into keeping your home as beautiful as youd like. Let us give you a helping hand. You will love how clean your house feels and how fresh it smells once we are done with it.
At AMCC Services,  no job is too big or too small for our crew who will treat you as more than just a customer; you are a partner. Our staff are highly trained and qualified. They have your best interests at heart and are   committed to customer satisfaction.
 For your convenience, we provide various schedule options including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service.
Furthermore, we will even work around your schedule!
Give us a call at   
703-310-9008 or click our  Contact page to arrange your cleaning services.
Advance Moving And Cleaning Company is focused on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality service - we will do  everything we can to meet and exceed  your expectations .
Whether you are looking to clean your house or office or you want to move  to a new one, we've got the professional services, workers and movers to get the job done right.

Add some extra efficiency and professionalism to your next moving project with help from the Professional Movers at Advance Moving & Cleaning Company. To schedule your next big move Contact us today to discuss the details with our moving professional

      Professional Moving Services

Turn to Advance Moving & Cleaning Company, for interstate and intrastate Moving Service for your home or workplace. Our team will move all your belongings from location to location in a safe and efficient manner. For added convenience, we provide all our own packing materials.

Local Moving Services

At Advance Moving & Cleaning Company, we offer efficient Moving Service to residential and commercial property owners throughout Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Whether you need to move across town or across the state, our moving team will always be there to provide the prompt and efficient moving services you require.

  Home moves? No problem

.We're your local home, and . We a full line of moving and , customized to fit your moving needs. Whether you have a few large items or lots of little items, a big place or a small place, we're the professional company you can trust

   On Moving Day

  • all packing prior to your crew's arrival. They will not pack your items unless arrangements had already been made with the company.
  • Reserve all elevators, or parking areas for adequate time periods.
  • Be on hand to answer questions and direct the placement of furniture items. A floor plan taped to the door indicating where boxes and pieces should be placed will greatly facilitate the unloading.
  • Above all, take a deep breath and try to remain calm at one of the most stressful times of your life! We'll do our to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

It's your Move

Every is different. That's why we a range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Possibly you need a team of to load your boxes, move them safely to your new home, and then unload them in your new space. Maybe you just need someone to expertly pack your fragile items. Or perhaps you want a moving team to handle the packing, loading, moving, and the . Maybe you want to take advantage of the entire suite of services that we offer post move. Either way, our team of full-time, fully trained crews will treat your belongings and your property as if they were their own. 

  Local or long-distance 

Moving in-town, or just a few miles away? Find Advance Moving & Cleaning Company  in your area to do the loading and unloading for the entire move. Relocating out-of-town or out-of-state? Find experienced Advance Moving in your current area to help load ... then find helpers in the area you're relocating to, and have them unload. You have an extra hand no matter where you go!